The Climate Crisis: Hard Truths and Reasons for Hope


Humorist Dan Ilic spoke with renowned climate scientist Professor Lesley Hughes and activist and author Sarah Wilson for our sold out launch event, about the latest climate news and how we can create hope from positive action.


  • “This One Wild and Precious Life”, Sarah Wilson [link]
    Sarah also hosts the “Wild” podcast on Apple podcasts and Spotify and is about to embark on a national tour, “The Wild and Precious Tour”,  to have conversations with Australians about climate change.
  • A Rational Fear, podcast by Dan Ilic [link]
    A humorous breakdown of the weekly climate news. Named the 2020 comedy podcast of the year by Australian Comedy Podcasts.
  • Climate Council [link]
    Australia’s leading climate change communications organisation. A great resource for authoritative, expert advice on climate change and solutions based on up-to-date science.
  • Climate for Change [link]
    This organisation helps people speak with their friends, colleagues, and elected representatives about climate change to build public support for climate action. It helps people host “Climate Conversation” parties at home, and runs MP engagement sessions and provides template letters to help people ask for meaningful action on climate change. There’s also a great newsletter that summarises climate news.
  • North Sydney Climate Act Now [link]
    Group of local residents focused on pressuring the Federal Government to take stronger climate action, including by legislating  to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050 (at the latest), release action plans to achieve this and report on progress

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