Online Special: Why Political Integrity Matters

THUR 22 JULY 2021, 8-9.15PM | ONLINE

While each Australian state and territory has an independent commission against corruption, this does not exist in the federal sphere. For over a decade, the Coalition Government has debated the terms of a federal commission against corruption without result. Since then, multiple corruption allegations, such as sports rorts and the Leppington Triangle, have come to light. 

For our Online Special, Dan Ilic led a conversation and Q+A with Hon Anthony Whealy QC about why political integrity is so important to a functioning democracy. We rounded out the evening with a “chat roulette” for which attendees were randomly placed into chat rooms to discuss the event and get to know others in the group.


  • Centre for Public Integrity [link]
    An independent think tank dedicated to preventing corruption, protecting the integrity of our accountability institutions, and eliminating undue influence of money in politics. A collaboration of former judges and integrity experts.
  • A Rational Fear [link]
    Australia’s best comedians savage the news. It’s like #qanda on crack. Winner Best Comedy Podcast – 2020
  • Australian Democracy Network [link]
    Working to create an Australia where civil society is robust and vibrant; public debate is informed, fair and diverse; citizens are engaged, government is clean, open and accountable and the wellbeing of people and the planet comes first.
  • “Rule of Law: the desecration of the rule of law and what this means for our democracy” [link]
    A webinar with Anthony Whealy, Professor Anne Twomey and Stephen Charles. Anne’s 20 minute segment provides wonderful insight on the rule of law and the illegality involved in the sports rort scandal.

What can we do?

Write to your federal MP asking for the government to restore public integrity in the Commonwealth Government by preventing corruption through a National Integrity Commission; protecting the integrity of our accountability institutions; and eliminating the undue influence of money in politics.

  • Fact sheets for letter writing by the Centre for Public Integrity [link]
  • Guide to letter writing by the Australian Democracy Network [link]

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