Targets and Innovation for a Clean Energy Future

WED 15 SEPTEMBER 2021, 7.30-8.45PM | ONLINE

Zali Steggall MP, Heidi Lee, CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE), and impact investor Giles Gunesekera discussed why Australia urgently needs climate policy to spur innovation and meet critical emissions reduction timeframes.

The conversation explored the support for Zali’s Climate Change Bills from industry and business, and why the Federal Government has continued to stand in the way of effective climate action.


  • Beyond Zero Emissions [link]
    Beyond Zero Emissions is an independent, solutions-focused think tank. They conduct and publish research on solutions that unlock economic potential for industries, regions and communities. They also showcase real-world projects as opportunities to prosper in a zero-emissions economy and supercharge their work through a network of volunteers.
  • Climate Change Bills Report and actions [link]
    The Morrison Government’s review of the Climate Change Bills ignored key evidence from business and industry groups including the Business Council of Australia, Responsible Investment Association of Australasia and Australian Industry Group. Follow the above link to email Trent Zimmerman, the Prime Minister and/or the Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister and demand the bill be debated.
  • Vote Earth Now [link]
    Government has 10 times the power to address climate change than individuals and private enterprise. Vote Earth Now asks us to pledge to vote for climate at the next election, to encourage all political parties to make climate a priority.
  • Climate Council [link]
    Australia’s leading climate change communications organisation. A great resource for authoritative, expert advice on climate change and solutions based on up-to-date science.
  • Climate for Change [link]
    This organisation helps people speak with their friends, colleagues, and elected representatives about climate change to build public support for climate action. It has a great newsletter summarising climate news and hosts MP letter writing sessions. In the lead up to the federal election, Climate for Change is running workshops for people in the North Sydney electorate to help them communicate effectively about climate change. You can join the workshops on Saturday 18 September 10am-12pm or Tuesday 19 October 6.30-8.30pm via the link above.
  • Market Forces [link]
    Divesting from fossil fuels is an easy way to contribute to emissions reduction. Market Forces offers clear instructions on how to change banks, insurance companies and superannuation funds to ensure that we are not funding fossil fuel companies. They also help anyone who owns shares in fossil fuel companies to engage these companies on climate change and environmental issues at AGMs.
  • ClimateWorks [link]
    This non-profit organisation is part of the Monash University’s Sustainability Institute. It produces expert reports and engages with industry, government and community leaders to accelerate the transition to net zero emissions in Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

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